Hello friends!

If you accidentally showed up here looking for my main blog, sorry for the confusion. You’ll find that over here.

This “static blog” is part of a personal experiment in which I test out if writing on a platform where I cannot receive public comments makes me less anxious about writing, more likely to write, and/or less depressed, while still making the information available to those that want it. A little weird, maybe, but we’re living in weird times and finding weird ways to cope with it.

Of course, even though this isn’t a real, proper blog with an RSS feed and comments, you’re very welcome to email me at amaikokonut [at] songua.com with any specific questions, concerns, bug reports, corrections, etc.

I’m always looking for more Creatures pen-pals (e-pals?) too! So if you just want to swap personal emails talking about stuff that happened in your games or things you’re working on or ideas that you have, feel free to reach out. I kinda feel like there’s a lot of throwing content to the general public in exchange for likes and comments but not as much real personal connection these days. If you feel the same way, we might get along. (Even if you don’t feel the same way, you’re still invited, and I’m glad those systems are working for you; I’m just not sure they’re working for me, hence this weird experiment.)

You can also feel free to hit me up on Discord (if you’re in a Creatures Discord server I’m probably somewhere in the userlist as Aiko, but I don’t usually see messages unless I’m pinged/DM’d), I just tend to prefer the slower pace of emails and sometimes lose track of pings/DMs.

Anyway, the format of these entries is pretty inconsistent: mostly very casual and unrefined content, random notes and ideas, world logs, etc. Right now I’m using a filtered directory listing as an index page so I don’t have to put more effort into this than I feel like at any given moment. Entries are date-stamped, but you might have to ignore the other files because, again, I’m putting as little effort into this as possible. It’s possible that someday when I have the energy, I’ll make it pretty.

Lastly, If I ever actually finish something and there’s a Big Release, I’ll still post about it on my main blog, so don’t feel like you have to watch this space.

That about sums it up! Good... norning!